Screenshot of Udemy course from (It is worth noting that Udemy is one of my favorite online course platform because it often provides huge discounts and makes course very affordable. I would recommend you to wait / research on when the next discount will be, which will not be too far away based on my past observation)

Photo from author: Udacity Nanodegree certificate, what you will get if you complete this course.

Photo from author: udacity certificate you get if you completed the course

Quarantine life during Covid, and I am sure we all can relate to the man, looking outside the window, what I started to do a lot more often nowadays— photo from PixaBay
  1. Whether I found the course content to be well designed and easy to learn
  2. What I personally found to be differentiating factor of this course…

Small Town Little Anthony

Reading about your life, sharing my life. As if I have lived two lives. Work in the Big Four. Background in finance and computer science. Love traveling.

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