If you are here, you probably know LiZiqi from her YouTube channel, who has a massive 14.6 million subscribers at the time of wringing and a total cumulative views of more than 2 billion. The average views of her videos range from 10M to 10M, some of those exceeding 50M. And this is only a fraction of the views of her videos on the Chinese platform.

After achieving such a remarkable success as an internet celebrity specializing in video production production, she then created her own brand “Ziqi culture”, worth millions of dollars.

For those who don’t know her, I…

Screenshot of Udemy course from https://www.udemy.com/course/ios-13-app-development-bootcamp/ (It is worth noting that Udemy is one of my favorite online course platform because it often provides huge discounts and makes course very affordable. I would recommend you to wait / research on when the next discount will be, which will not be too far away based on my past observation)

My very first IOS app was just approved and released on the app store. Hooray! I think I am finally ready for this online course review because for this course review, I want to do it a bit differently, a bit less boring — I am going to take you through a journal together with me, from the moment when I accidentally clicked into her course when I was really trying to “skip ads”, to here, where my very first independently developed mobile app is approved and released on Apple app store.

I hope by the end of the article…

I have written a few Udacity Nanodegree reviews for a few different courses after taking them and I have maintained my position that the Nanodegrees are not differentiating enough to justify its huge premium. However, this tone may change in this review.

Photo from author: Udacity Nanodegree certificate, what you will get if you complete this course.

Firstly, I have always appreciate the fact that online learning materials have been so different compared to my college days that nowadays, even the free materials are so so good.

This is why I have always remained critical of Udacity Nanodegrees when they charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the course, when their course materials and…

Alright you may have heard that “data scientist is the sexiest job in the world now” and hence, here you are, to become a bit sexier.

If you are considering taking the Udacity Data Scientist Nanodegree to achieve this, here is my personal experience after graduating from the nanodegree.

Photo from author: udacity certificate you get if you completed the course

By the way, I am a big four accounting firm associate working with data and therefore, I will also briefly share my thoughts from a practical perspective too. I will be talking about the following points (you time is precious and therefore, jump straight to the relevant part if you wish):

Quarantine life during Covid, and I am sure we all can relate to the man, looking outside the window, what I started to do a lot more often nowadays— photo from PixaBay

Let’s dive right in. I will be talking about the following points about my personal experience taking the Udacity Nanodegree AI for trading available https://www.udacity.com/course/ai-for-trading--nd880

  1. Whether I found the course content to be well designed and easy to learn
  2. What I personally found to be differentiating factor of this course, when compared to other courses
  3. If the course content was better, is it worth the huge premium and therefore, do I recommend the course based my personal experience
  4. Whether I think we can really use the techniques covered in the course to conduct real-life trading and make money

First and foremost, I want to say to the people of California that my thoughts and best wishes are with you and I hope you stay safe from the deadly fires, including and especially the firefighters fighting this on the front line.

I have personally seen and volunteered for natural disasters like this and today, though I can’t be on the front line, I want to do what I can, as a king of the nerds. Given we are data and computer scientists, let’s talk about what AI and ML can help us with disasters like this, and maybe, if…

Boy (aka programmer): Hey honey, just off work. Heading home now.

Girl: Hey baby, on your way home, can you buy two kilos of apples? If you see watermelon, then buy one.

Boy: sure thing!

Half an hour later …

The boy shows up with one single apple in his hand.

Girl (looking puzzled): Hey baby, I said “two kilos of apples”, why did you buy only one?

Boy: Because I saw a watermelon?

Girl: What ?!?!

The end any you may still not get it but, to all the girls out there dating programmers:

Please be a bit patient…

Small Town Little Anthony

Reading about your life, sharing my life. As if I have lived two lives. Work in the Big Four. Background in finance and computer science. Love traveling.

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